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boiler to open the home heating system energy saving era - allvoices

Posted on June 10 2013 in boiler to open the home heating system energy saving era

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As a new method of heating the home independent heating system can not only achieve the room temperature control and hot water needs, to achieve comfortable and energy-saving effect, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of interior decoration, is a lot of independent heating users prefer heating methods. Family, then, independent heating system, how to use can be the most energy efficient? Comfortable 100 network experts depending on the heating terminal equipment, specifying the family independent heating system, energy-efficient manner.


Family independent heating system, energy-saving mode: the boiler should maintain long-term power. Many users in the case of long-term without heating cut off power to the boiler, that the safety and energy saving, in fact, this approach is worth the candle. The vast majority of the heating boiler to prevent the pump locking and auto antifreeze function, usually every 24 hours will automatically start running about 1 minute, minimal power consumption.

Can not be closed when the room temperature below 0 ° C, heating boilers, power and gas valve, otherwise automatic antifreeze function of the boiler will be lost in severe cases may lead to a radiator or pipe rupture. If it is winter for long periods of time, the boiler is set in the the antifreeze state can; In addition, if the power failure time is longer, boiler pump locking, only to professionals to fix, so do not self-operating.

Third, before the use of inspection for leaks, leaking, ensure that there is no problem to re-use. Leak check can not use open flame can be used lather check. When the system needs to overtime pay, overtime pay can not be too much, or prone to water leakage.

Floor heating

Family independent boiler heating system, energy-saving ways: using the floor heating as the heating of the user of the terminal, rapid heating, cooling. Before the opening of each heating period, open the filter on the water trap water supply pipes to clear the debris. Warming 1 ° C per hour gradually warming up, not to one-off to the highest temperature, or likely to cause damage to the pipes and the floor. The family floor heating, appropriate floor surface temperature around 28 ℃. Floor heating system is turned off, pay attention to cooling can not be plunged, if the cooling too fast which will affect the service life of pipes and floor. Temperature below 0 ℃, uninhabited when ground heating is set to run at low temperatures, to prevent the pipe frost crack.

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