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Kaori Fuchi Advisors Tokyo Japan - Fees

Posted on December 16 2016 by Katty Mcqueen in Kaori Fuchi Advisors Tokyo Japan, Tax services Japan

Modest Fee


Our fees vary accordingly to the complexity of the business, degree of difficulty and amount of work required. Please see below for a general indication of our fees. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate.


Schedule of fees


For Both Companies and Individuals


Tax Consulting - 30,000yen / 60min.

Preparation for Corporate Tax returns - Support annual financial statements and tax returns according to Japanese regulations. From 250,000yen

Tax and Accounting Services - Monthly book review and Tax advice on-call service From 30,000 yen per month

Second Opinion Services - From 30,000 yen per month

Bookkeeping Services - From 20,000yen per month

Payroll Services - From 20,000yen per month

Tax Due Diligence & Tax Accrual Review - From 200,000 yen. Please contact us for an estimate.            

Tax Return Review - We can provide a quote according to the contents.


EX: When you have salary income (20 million)

Dividend income (150,000yen), Interest income (500,100yen)


Basic fee- 120,000 Yen

Dividend income - 30,000 Yen

Interest income - 50,000 Yen

Total - 200,000 Yen

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